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Do You Have A Tech Idea, But You Don’t Know Where To Begin, How To Accelerate, And You Yearn For A Technical Co-Founder?

“We have ONE plan at CILA Labs and it’s to prove that you are never too old or too young to be a tech entrepreneur. The key is your idea, your drive, and the team you assemble. With this, everything is possible. Without this, nothing is possible.”
-Jared Yellin,
Co-Founder of CILA Labs
and Dozens Of Other Tech Companies

Meet Our Parent Company,

CILA Labs, The Most Vertically Integrated Company In The World

We have a big, bold, and audacious mission that is also a non-negotiable for CILA Labs and all of our partners…


10,000 Tech Companies By 2031!


We are more than a technology incubator.


We BUILD your ideas by becoming your Co-Founder…


AND, we do this AT COST!


YES, everything is at cost including Software Development, Go-To-Market, Sales, Customer Support, Branding, Legal, Finances, Administration, etc. 


We also own an Angel Investor Network and a Crowdfunding Platform so funding is never an issue for great ideas. 


And most importantly…


We are IN IT to WIN IT with you so that you are not trying to build, scale, and sell your big idea on your own, but instead...we are doing it TOGETHER!


Do you want a REAL technology team and a business partner with a proven track record?




Meet Jason Centeno,
Founding Member Of The IDEA Squad

Jason Centeno

Jason Centeno is a retired Philadelphia Firefighter, Entrepreneur, and Adoption Advocate who has a passion for helping Entrepreneur Fathers navigate the complexities of balancing their business and family lives. He explores this and other common themes weekly during candid interviews with fellow DadPreneurs on his show “The Dad Next Door”.


What Jason really LOVES doing more than anything else is 1) finding everyday people who have big, possibly world-changing ideas who have no idea how to bring their big ideas to life, and 2) helping those people develop their big ideas into actual Tech Companies. Jason currently sits on the board of the USHX Real Estate app (www.ushousingexchange.com), is in development with his own BIG IDEA on trash disposal, and actively guides other potential Founders daily through idea development in partnership with CILA Labs.


Jason currently resides with his wife Luz and 6 children in Tampa Florida and spends most of his downtime wrangling kids, crafting immaculate Dad jokes, and teasing gators in the lake out back.

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Our Mission As Members Of The IDEA Squad Is To Find GREAT People With BIG Ideas!

Step 1

Meet People With IDEAS That Solve Inefficiencies And Align With Our Values

Step 2

Work With The IDEA Person To Go From IDEA To Solution

Step 3

Coach The IDEA Person

To Present Their IDEA To CILA Labs

Step 4

CILA Labs Evaluates And If It Is A WIN-WIN-WIN, You Officially Will

Have Your IDEA Brought To Life And CILA Will Be Your Partner!

Let’s Work Together!

CILA Background.jpg

Once Your IDEA Is Accepted, You Will Experience The CILA Method


Phase One of the CILA Method is extremely exciting for everyone involved because this is where we act like everything is possible and we document every detail that comes to mind for the product that we are about to build. Make sure to come to this phase with zero limitations and a world filled with endless opportunities. Plus, we have specific questions we will pose in order to stimulate creativity while leading us into the second phase of innovation.


We are now going to innovate which means we will have the CILA development team structure a 30-60-90 day plan to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In order to achieve this milestone, we must step into the world of innovation where we begin to simplify the first version of our product in order to deliver on time, get meaningful data, and generate cash flow to fund ongoing development. Phase two is the most critical step in the CILA Method.


There are not many rules at CILA, but one of the most prominent other than LIVE WITH INTEGRITY is to LAUNCH within 90-days of the first line of code being written. This is absolutely essential so that no product is overdeveloped and this launch fast approach will enable us to collect the appropriate data to see if we are on the right track or if a pivot is needed. Plus, the goal is that by day 120 we are able to continue funding the company through cash flow.


We have a core belief at CILA which is rapid acceleration and the most effective way to achieve this outcome is through the deep levels of relationship capital we have established over the years of “doing the right thing.” We believe that every business is one relationship away from a positive explosion and we seek to find this relationship as quickly as possible so that we can dramatically accelerate the growth of the new company and product.

CILA Labs Is More Than A Technical

Co-Founder, Rather, A Dream Come

True For Your Tech Idea!



Mobile app

Product Management




customer support





strategic planning

YES, All Of This Is Done AT COST -

We Only Win, When The Company WINS!

Just Take A Look At What These Co-Founders Of Portfolio Companies Have To Say
About CILA Labs

Josh Osteen_Claim Guru.jpeg

Josh O.

Co-Founder of Claim Guru

There is nothing like CILA Labs. Yes, I was extremely skeptical to give up equity in my company, but I am telling you right here and right now, you are CRAZY to try and do this on your own. CILA is what EVERY tech idea needs. And one more point, working with CILA is fun. There is no stress and it feels wonderful to have a partner who is really a partner.

Chantelle Voss.jpg

Chantelle V.

Co-Founder of Carli.ai

I have been an entrepreneur my entire life and even attempted to launch my own tech companies before. When I learned of CILA Labs I thought it was too good to be true, but it’s just TRUE! My experience with this company has changed my life forever. It’s also fascinating how CILA is able to work at COST. This gives everyone a chance.

Peggy Meyer.jpg

Peggy M.

Co-Founder of Field Pocket

I never saw myself as a Tech Co-Founder until my first call with CILA Labs when they said my idea was ‘AMAZING.’ That word ‘AMAZING’ spoke to my soul and when we agreed to partner, I literally saw my dream become a reality. I AM A TECH FOUNDER and you will be too when you work with CILA. If you are on the fence, just say YES!

Now What?


To begin our Assessment Process, we would love to hear a little bit about YOU and your IDEA!

Step 1 -

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Step 2 -

Watch the video

of our Co-Founder after the form is completed

Step 3 -

Let's schedule

your IDEA to Solution Consultation

Step 4 -

Pitch Preparation for your meeting with CILA Labs

Step 5 -

We partner and change the world!


Our mission is to launch 10,000

tech companies by 2031!

Become Part Of The CILA Movement!

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