Come With Your Idea, Leave With A Vision.

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Founding Member Opportunity For The IDEA Squad

(25 Total Spots - 10 Remain!)

Founding Member Opportunity Only $5,000
(Payment Plans Available Upon Request)


You Will Get 2.5% Equity In Each Company That Is Accepted By CILA Labs That You Bring To The Table!


Put Down A $500 Deposit (Fully Refundable) To Secure Your Position

What Is The Idea Squad?

The IDEA Squad stands to create an even playing field for anyone with ideas.


The IDEA Squad stands against the graveyard consuming life-altering ideas. 


We are on a mission to hear every idea from every person from any country that they are even remotely thinking about, because the road from idea to minimal viable product to launch to scale to exit is one where only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction will ever make it, especially in tech. 


The Idea Squad will be responsible for extracting 10,000 hero ideas by 2031. 


Think of it like this…


The IDEA Squad is responsible for business development on behalf of CILA Labs.


You will go out into your world, open new relationships, attend events, network, connect, etc. with the goal of meeting people who have tech ideas.


99% of tech ideas NEVER see the light of day and the 1% that do have a 99% failure rate.


As a member of the IDEA Squad, you will be able to help the 99% that don’t see the light of day prepare to pitch CILA Labs AND you will help the 99% that fail to exponentially increase their odds for success. 

P.S. Want to learn even more about the Idea Squad? Watch our webinar replay below.

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Here’s what you get when you are part of a Founding Member Of The IDEA Squad:

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Direct Access To Me, Jared Yellin

You get my cell phone which I never share. You are the CILA Labs sales team. And you might not have any idea who I am right now, but my number one skill, besides for being a dad, is my ability to sell. I know exactly how to build rapport, uncover pain, and offer a solution with lightning speed. I also know how to open any door that yields big opportunities, and I am here to support your success 100%. Here’s my only rule…


I will match YOUR energy.


If you BRING IT, so will I!

6-Week Training Program And Certification

I am pretty darn excited to share these six weeks with you for 90-minutes a week. All sessions will be recorded and all additional collateral materials will be available inside of our private membership portal. If you are unable to make a session, simply watch the replay and feel free to schedule a time to get any questions answered.


Module 1: Sell Yourself As An Exclusive Member Of The Idea Squad


During this module, I am going to help you immediately distinguish yourself when speaking with someone for the first time whether it's via zoom, in-person, at an event, or even in passing. This is my superpower and I am going to share the exact formula I use to get attention that sticks and to have people thinking about helping me all of the time.  


Module 2: Ideas Are Everywhere, Let’s Find Them! 


During this module, we are going to discuss all of the different conduits, pockets, and access points for people with ideas. This is going to be such a fun session because you are going to realize that ideas are literally everywhere! From rooms on Clubhouse to Facebook Groups to local networking events to friends and family and so much more. You will walk away with a laundry list of ideas to get ideas!


Module 3: How To Succinctly Explain CILA Labs And All Of The Processes That Make Our Company Unstoppable 


During this module, you are going to learn how to BLOW the mind of the people you are meeting. For the first 8-months of CILA, I had the honor to share CILA with 275 pitches and 100% of them were begging me to say YES. The reason - there has never been an opportunity like what CILA offers. Once your master explaining CILA, everyone is going to want to partner with you. 


Module 4: Ideation To Crystallization Process


During this module, you are going to learn how to help someone crystalize their idea. I will have Eric Nowoslawski join us for this session as he will eventually be Chief of Product for all of CILA Labs. Eric’s ability to crystalize the actual product is uncanny and he will reverse engineer how he does this so that YOU can do this with the person you are working with. The clearer you can get the person, the greater the chance that CILA Labs will say YES!


Module 5: Learn How To Help Craft The Perfect Pitch So CILA Says YES!


During this module, you will see exactly what we need at CILA Labs in order to understand the idea and determine if we are meant to partner with this person to launch a tech company. We will also give you a templated pitch deck to complete with your client and once it’s ready, we are ready to hear the pitch. You are encouraged to attend the pitch session as well. 


Module 6: Key Performance Indicators That Will Almost Guarantee Your Success


During this module, we will explain various KPIs that will hold you accountable to building velocity in order to become a wildly successful member of the IDEA Squad. From the number of people you speak with, to the various networks you are known in, to the way in which you follow-up, this session will showcase nuance details that happen to make a world of difference. 


As you can see, this 6-week interactive training experience will lay an extremely strong foundation for you to succeed as a member of the IDEA Squad which happens to be something we want VERY badly!

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Represent CILA Labs

This is a pretty big deal because as a member of the IDEA Squad you have the permission to represent CILA Labs in the world. We have a TON of marketing collateral resources, a full-service agency available to help you at no cost to you, and a replicated website that you can further customize. 


Here’s a list of some of the resources we are referring to:

  • Replicated website

  • Email series and templates

  • Business cards

  • Logo support

  • Social media content

  • Presentations

  • Scripts

  • Videos

  • Blogs

  • And so much more!


Remember, we match energy so if you really bring it to the IDEA Squad then we will REALLY bring it to you with even more resources that just outlined. 


And, the marketing resources and support provided will blow your mind...PERIOD!

Exclusive Live And Virtual Event Invitations

Since the IDEA Squad will be extremely global we will host virtual events for sure, but have the vision of also having live experiences as well. Founding Members will be invited to attend and thriving Founding Members will be invited to contribute and participate to support our entire movement. 


My personal goal is that ONE or MORE Founding Members really explodes and this one (or more) will end up taking over the IDEA Squad. I will always be involved, but I LOVE giving people opportunities that they were not able to access on their own and I have a feeling someone will truly emerge.

Ongoing Training And Support

There will be as much training and support as you need...PERIOD! You are the lifeline of CILA Labs so you ask and you shall get!

Access To CILA Vault (Launch Date TBD)

We are building the most comprehensive enterprise level business solution that has ever existed which will include:


  • CRM

  • Marketing Functionality

  • Project Management

  • Invoicing

  • KPI’s

  • All Communications

  • Customer Support

  • Dashboards

  • Training

  • Etc.


This platform will take some time to build, but once it’s ready - you will get access!


In the meantime, we will arm you with all of the tools you need to remain organized and efficient with your efforts.

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CILA Labs Is Changing The World Of Tech Forever

CILA Labs Is Disrupting The Software Industry By Offering Development At Cost And Partnering With Entrepreneurs With Ideas That Will Disrupt Industries, Communities, And The World! 


We are more than a technology incubator.


We BUILD technological ideas for non-techy and technical entrepreneurs.


​Literally, we assemble the RIGHT team for each portfolio company so that their idea becomes our reality.


AND, we do this AT COST!


​Sometimes, we may even invest in ideas…


And most importantly…


​We launch and accelerate software solutions.


If you are looking for a REAL technology team (aka CTO) and a business partner with a proven track record who...


WINS when the company WINS.

Is 100% aligned on values.

Has a track record for building breakthrough technology and scaling it.



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The CILA Method


Phase One of the CILA Method is extremely exciting for everyone involved because this is where we act like everything is possible and we document every detail that comes to mind for the product that we are about to build. Make sure to come to this phase with zero limitations and a world filled with endless opportunities. Plus, we have specific questions we will pose in order to stimulate creativity while leading us into the second phase of innovation.


There are not many rules at CILA, but one of the most prominent other than LIVE WITH INTEGRITY is to LAUNCH within 90-days of the first line of code being written. This is absolutely essential so that no product is overdeveloped and this launch fast approach will enable us to collect the appropriate data to see if we are on the right track or if a pivot is needed. Plus, the goal is that by day 120 we are able to continue funding the company through cash flow.


We are now going to innovate which means we will have the CILA development team structure a 30-60-90 day plan to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In order to achieve this milestone, we must step into the world of innovation where we begin to simplify the first version of our product in order to deliver on time, get meaningful data, and generate cash flow to fund ongoing development. Phase two is the most critical step in the CILA Method.


We have a core belief at CILA which is rapid acceleration and the most effective way to achieve this outcome is through the deep levels of relationship capital we have established over the years of “doing the right thing.” We believe that every business is one relationship away from a positive explosion and we seek to find this relationship as quickly as possible so that we can dramatically accelerate the growth of the new company and product.

Reserve Your Spot In The Squad

Founding Member Opportunity Only $5,000
(Payment Plans Available Upon Request)


You Will Get 2.5% Equity In Each Company That Is Accepted By CILA Labs That You Bring To The Table!


Put Down A $500 Deposit (Fully Refundable) To Secure Your Position

Thank you!

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